Cloud Computing

Secure and reliable Infrastructure for modern businesses

Private cloud

We built our own cloud platform from the ground up. It has been powering customer solutions since 2013 and we have been investing in it ever since. Our cloud infrastructure is located in a highly secure and redundant data center. We take N+1 seriously!

Our secure cloud gives customers powerful options to help extend their IT infrastructure’s footprint so that they can grow their business and scale their services.


We have seamlessly integrated the Cloud360 Cloud platform with Microsoft azure. Customers can start small and expand their cloud infrastructure whenever they want.

Multi-Cloud gives us the power to offer more flexibility to our customers. Now you can scale your IT infrastructure across multiple regions and have different fail-over zones, depending on your needs.  

Private Virtual Cloud

We designed our own cloud platform form the ground up. We can use it to back up or replicate your company data, run virtual servers or host your business critical apps. 

Microsoft Azure

We have seamlessly integrated Azure into our cloud infrastructure. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure options allow you to work from anywhere on any device. Let us design, manage and support Azure  for you.

Dedicated Servers

We provide dedicated physical and virtual servers for you to host business critical apps and company data.

Expand your IT infrastructure using our data center. We keep servers simple, convenient and affordable.


Put your physical servers in our secure data center in one of our racks. We can even manage, maintain and support it if you need us to. 

Your hardware will always be available and you won’t need to invest a ton of money, time and effort into a complicated data center.

Your Data. Our Protection.

Cloud Computing Simplified

Cloud360 Provides physical and cloud-based infrastructure services that allow businesses to leverage the power and flexibility of the cloud.

We can design, deploy, host and manage any cloud infrastructure your business needs

You have the option to use our secure private cloud for all of your cloud needs or we can design your cloud infrastructure inside Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure.

We can create a secure cloud network with virtual servers, workstations, load balancers and gateways. 

If you simply need a dedicated server in the cloud we can make that happen, as well. 

You even have the option to run your bare-metal server within our secure datacenter thanks to our colocation options.

The sky is the limit!

Managed Cloud made simple


We will work closely with you to get your current production IT environment cloud-ready and answer all the questions you might have. The next step is to design a Private Virtual Cloud solution tailored to your needs using our secure cloud platform, Azure or both.


We will handle the entire migration process for you. We use asynchronous replication to move your business critical apps and data to your new cloud environment. After thorough testing we will switch you over and you will be officially running in the cloud.


Now that your production IT environment is running in the cloud you have the option of letting us manage, maintain and support your cloud investment so that you can focus on getting work done again. Our Managed Cloud service is simple, practical and affordable.


Managed Cloud comes standard with a comprehensive security policy and clear risk-management protocols. Our security knowledge, experience and tools give us the edge your business needs to stay ahead of current and future threats

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