Cloud Backup & Replication

Complete data protection for modern businesses

Cloud Backups

Still using tape backup or multiple external hard drives to back up servers, data and individual files?  We have all been there, so we get it. But did you know that there are cheaper and more convenient ways to back up your critical data?

We use Veeam Cloud Connect to provide customers with all the Cloud Backup they need. Veeam is by far the most highly-rated backup softwarein the world. We have  been using it since day 1. Now you can, too.

Just start off with a free 30 day trial and we will even help you install and configure it. No credit card needed. Just be serious about your company data. Let us provide data protection.

Disaster Recovery

With Cloud360’s Disaster Recovery as a service your entire IT system will always be highly available, no matter what.

We provide asynchronous replication to a fail-over site in the cloud. If you ever have a disaster at the office your fail-over site can be activated and your entire Office IT environment will become available again. Users can connect to it form anywhere using any device and get back to work. 

This takes careful planning and consideration. Let the cloud experts help you design a comprehensive and customized Disaster Recovery Plan to protect your business 

Veeam Backup & Replication

Veeam® gives you the ability to instantly recover any app and any data, across any cloud.

You can conveniently manage your backups and data from a single console. 

Now you can reach all your data protection SLAs while significantly reducing costs

“It just works!”

Veeam Cloud Connect

Get physical and virtual backups off site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. 

Veeam® Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up and replicate to a nationwide cloud service provider such as Cloud360 Inc.

Microsoft Office 365

Veeam can even automatically backup all of your important Microsoft Office 365 data including Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive.

Daily backups can prevent malware threats, help prevent accidental deletions and keep your company compliant.

Mailbox data can be restored back to Office 365 directly.

Restore directly to Azure

Veeam gives us the flexibilty and mobility to restore your data anywhere you want. We can restore your backups to your office, datacenter or even to a public cloud such as Azure. 

Furthermore, our Disaster Recovery as a service creates a fail-over site within Azure that is replicated and ready to go in case of a disaster. 



Your Data. Our Protection.

Data Protection Simplified

Cloud360 makes Cloud Backup and cloud-based Disaster Recovery convenient and affordable.

Whether you need simple cloud backups or an intricate Disaster Recovery plan we can help you achieve all of your goals while reducing your costs.

Our features are top of the line. We even offer to manage all of it for you. Just sit back and let us take it from here. We will make sure your encrypted data is protected from now on. Your data is in good hands.

We take data protection seriously and urge you to do the same. The sky is the limit. But start planning soon!


Complete Data Protection

Say Goodbye to data loss

Backup anything your company needs. Servers, workstation, VMware clusters. Anything. Physical or virtual. Just back it up to our Cloud using our secure and flexible Veeam Solution. We can even manage it for you!

No risk. Just Flexibility

We offer a no risk, free 30 day trial for Veeam Cloud Connect. There is no good reason these days not to back up your data off-site. Disasters happen. That's why we offer Veeam. Try it.

Business Continuity

Fully automated daily backups of your critical data to our secure cloud combined with replication and a fail-over plan will prevent unexpected disasters from being able to affect your business data, user productivity and sales.

"It just works!"

Veeam's tagline is "It Just Works!"
Give us a chance to prove it. All of our customers and even most prospects have heard of Veeam and absolutely love it. Why? Because it just works!

Do you want Business Continuity?

Start with a 30 day 4TB free trial of Veeam Cloud Connect!