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Professional IT & Cloud Management

Cloud360 services and solutions are professionally managed with a strong focus on security!

Cloud360 has no limits

Our Mission is Total Business Continuity

What this means is that your company will be up and running 24/7 with zero downtime. This way you can focus on your business and not worry about IT.

Global Reach

Our Cloud solutions can transform how you get work done, no matter where you live or work!

Local Presence

We have been serving the local community professionally for 15 years now and keep raising the bar for high quality IT service.

Personal Touch

All the work is done by the owner, not some inexperienced sales people or technicians that take twice as long to figure things out.

We Keep IT Simple

What customers get are simple, convenient and affordable IT solutions done right the first time.

Our Cloud. Your Success.

What's your Cloud Strategy?​

Cloud360 offers a fresh and unique approach to IT and Cloud service. 

We are able to transform inefficient and ineffective IT systems into effective, streamlined IT systems that simply work like they were intended to. 

Let’s just say that we don’t get that many ‘support’ calls!

We keep IT real

what can we do for you?

Cloud Computing

We can design, host and manage all of your multi-cloud needs using our own secure cloud platform combined with Veeam and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Backups

Cloud360 Inc. is a trusted Veeam Cloud Service Provider. Easily back up your critical business data off-site to our cloud and never lose a single file again.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery Plan ensures that your entire IT environment is fully replicated to the cloud and can be restored in the cloud when disaster strikes.

IT Management

Let us manage, maintain and support your business IT environment. Responsive help desk, 24/7 monitoring and monthly reports are included in our service. We keep IT simple.

Risk Management

Worried about compliance or the threat of ransomware? Our IT Security policies and Risk Management services provide the protection you need.

Project Management

Need a new server installed or an old server migrated? We have over a decade of successful networking projects under our belt. Leave it to us to get you squared away, no matter what.

Not 100% sure what services you need?

We will help you find the perfect solution!

We are 100% committed to your success!

what makes Cloud360 So different?

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